ATG holds patents with method and apparatus claims for an ultra-thin, lightweight audio/video display device and a myriad of applications. We call this device a flexible message display, or FMD.

The ATG FMD leverages new and existing technologies, blending traditional print and electronic media into one new-world medium.

At ATG, our plans are for a device that consists of a display, control panel and a power source. Additional features include moving images, audio and a means by which the viewer can interact with the displayed information.


The FMD is a self-contained device and as such, can be designed with the distinguishing option of portability.

Our intellectual property not only covers permanent dynamic displays but also designs that allow an FMD to be removed from its original page, packaging, greeting card or other distribution method and placed in an area where it can be viewed again and again.

  • On a refrigerator
  • On a desk or bulletin board
  • On the door of a school locker
  • Given to a friend
  • FMD Wireless Options

Everyone at ATG is excited about how wireless signals and technology can be integrated into an FMD or similar device. Yes, this too is covered by our patents under both method and apparatus claims.

Integrating wireless communication definitely ups the ante in terms of technology, application and client and consumer usage.


  • An ad for a hardware store that changes information based on the reader’s geographic region—20% off snow shovels in Ann Arbor; 20% off potted plants in Phoenix.
  • An ad that downloads the latest release from a popular music group.
  • An ad that provides a reader with directions to the nearest location of an advertised hotel, restaurant or shopping center, based on the reader’s location.